ThreatID: The most advanced spectroscopic analyzer for identifying chemical threats.

ThreatID™ is a portable FTIR spectrometer for identifying a wide range of potentially hazardous industrial chemicals and chemical agents in warm and hot zones. Using fit-for-purpose FTIR technology, ThreatID ™ provides immediate, accurate identification of unknown solid and liquid substances.

"I have a truckload of tools for a simple analysis but what I need is a chemical analyzer that can resolve potentially hazardous mixtures."

~ Hazmat Technician


Logical Operation

ThreatID ™ has an optimized human interface, enhanced telecommunication and external connectivity capability, and numerous performance improvements.

  • Avoids awkwardness and small display of handheld analyzers
  • 40% smaller than existing suitcase systems
  • Designed for both hot and warm zone use
  • Large, easy to read, fully functional display
  • Touch-actuated buttons - responsive to nitrile, tyvex or butyl gloves
  • Real-time zoom and spectral manipulation on display screen
  • 4+ hour battery life through in-field “hot-swap” capability
  • Fully decontaminable system
  • In-depth tutorial videos, user manuals etc. on ThreatID ™ display
Redwave Technology - ThreatID

Effective Performance

ThreatID ™ identifies a wide range of chemicals including most industrial chemicals, “white powders”, CWA, TICs, explosives, narcotics, and related compounds. The superior performance and usability of ThreatID ™ delivers higher confidence identification of unknowns, and supports quicker actionable-decision making.

  • Fast, large diameter optics for better quality spectra
  • Improved mixture analysis and search algorithms
  • Innovative Sure-ContactTM pressure device for solids
  • Advanced background check for cleanliness
  • Full spectra overlays, subtractions, residual search, and library hit validation
  • Functional group classification overlays on screen
  • One button water removal from spectra
  • Complete reference information at the touch of a button – PubChem with CAS#
  • One button “auto-email” instantly sends data and reports to Command and reachback
  • Archival and search of previous incident

Product Specifications

  • Case-mounted portable FT-IR
  • Liquids and Solids ID
  • 1 reflection diamond ATR with lever actuated pressure device
  • 15 lbs weight, dimensions: 14” x 10.6” x 6.12”
  • Android® O/S, 10” diagonal, HDMI PCAP display (1280x800 pixels)
  • Hardened Gorilla glass touch screen via gloved finger, or stylus
  • Quad-Core 64-bit CPU
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB solid state storage
  • Integrated video microscopy, with digital image capture
  • USB 2.0 interface, data analysis downloadable to memory stick
  • Internet connectivity via hard-wire Ethernet, or Wi-Fi (including mobile phone hotspot)
  • Analysis report function with one-touch result export via email or direct to a network drive
  • One-touch Internet look-up of threat properties
  • Upgradeable libraries
  • Visible threat alarm
  • Hot swappable Li ion battery, operational up to 4+ hours
  • IP67 power connector
  • 802.11 g wireless, Bluetooth
  • WPA2 security protocol
  • CE Mark certification
  • Operable in PPE and level A gear

Who will use ThreatID ™?

Hazmat with Portable FTIR

First responders and analysts who job is to keep our country safe

  • Local and state Hazmat Teams
  • Civilian and government Security agencies
  • Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Personnel involved in discovery and interdiction of illegal/counterfeit drugs
Inner Workings

How does ThreatID ™ work?

ThreatID Step One: Place Sample
Step 1: Place Sample

A minute amount of liquid or solid sample is placed in contact with a single crystal, synthetic diamond.

ThreatID Step Two: Get IR Fingerprint
Step 2: Get IR "fingerprint"

Infrared energy reflects through a diamond to create a unique "fingerprint" or spectrum.

ThreatID Step Three: Positive Identification
Step 3: Positive Identification

The fingerprint is searched against our on-board database of known materials to find a postive match.


Reachback and Training / Support Services

Reachback and Support

Threats and Hazmat Incidents happen 24/7 and we’re here 24/7 to provide help and advice. As examples of the support we provide:

  • When you receive your ThreatID ™ system, you will also be given access instructions to reach an on-call RedWave expert for support.
  • You will also be able to get on-line help in the form of videos, user manual, tutorials, and presentations.
  • We will conduct an on-line annual recertification program for your entire staff.
  • In the unlikely event that an issue arises with your ThreatID ™, we will ship you a loaner system at our expense within 24 hours.

Product Information