SurveyIR ™

SurveyIR Infrared Microscope

We believe that the SurveyIR infrared microscope is a revolution in the analysis of microsamples. This economical, high performance, high usability microscope sits inside the sample compartment of FTIR spectrometers and enables even affordable systems to execute quality microscopy. Routine use FTIR systems equipped with DTGS detectors comprise the greatest number of systems in operation, and SurveyIR acquires excellent spectra on samples as small as 50 µm on these spectrometers. This expands the use of infrared microscopy to users who previously had no option to perform microspectroscopy.

Because of the highly intuitive eSpot software, the usability of SurveyIR is unparalleled. Furthermore, stunning image quality is achieved while viewing through the diamond ATR and this ensures that spectra are acquired from the desired target area of the sample.

SurveyIR’s compact configuration and alignment free optical design facilitates simple in-compartment mounting in most commercially available FT-IR spectrometers. And if cost is a factor in your selection, please know that diamond ATR is standard with SurveyIR

  • Simple sample compartment interface and highly compact configuration.
  • Alignment free optical design.
  • Standard microscope controls, 1x3 inch travel x,y stage, coarse/fine z focus, condenser z focus.
  • Research quality visual images via high-resolution color video camera.
  • Reflection, transmission, and ATR Infrared analysis modes.
  • eSpot software facilitates image display, manipulation, capture, documentation , and storage.
  • eSpot also enables IR and illumination mode selection, as well as selection of six sample masking apertures.
  • Quick visual specimen location/alignment due to high depth of field optics.Superior viewing quality thru the diamond ATR simplifies target manipulation and guarantees excellent sample/ATR contact.
  • Reflection, transmission, and dark field illumination modes create phenomenal contrast over a wide range of sample morphologies.


SurveyIR combines intuitive usability and excellent performance for use in conjunction with most commercial FTIR spectrometers. For this reason, it is well suited to routine FTIR microanalysis applications in industrial analytical services, quality assurance and R&D labs. It is also widely used by forensic and art conservation analysts. as well as in educational institutions. Applications include analysis of:

  • Fibers, paints and coatings, polymers, fabrics
  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients, excipients, capsules
  • Illicit drugs and mixing agents
  • Explosives and explosive residue
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Surface defects
  • Microplastics in the environment
  • “Black spot” contaminants

Product Info and Application Notes