MicromATR Vision ™

MicromATR Vision high-performance ATR for FTIR spectroscopy with imaging

The MicromATR Vision takes all the attributes of the MicromATR FTIR accessory line and adds viewing and imaging capability. MicromATR Vision is a high-performance ATR sampling accessory that mounts into the sample compartment of most FTIR spectrometers with no alignment required. The device is particularly flexible and features a number of sample interface crystal options, spectrometer interfaces and pressure applicators. The small diameter of the ATR crystal allows the analysis of a broad range of samples, from macro to micro.

ATR sampling with the MicromATR™ Vision is fast and easy.  The torque knob on the ATR pressure device delivers optimum pressure onto the sample, ensuring high quality ATR spectra from even the most difficult samples. The hardness and chemical resistivity of the diamond internal reflection element enables the analysis of hard samples, abrasives, and corrosives.

Integrated viewing optics with illumination of the sample through the diamond ATR crystal enables selection of discreet sample features and provides visual proof of sample contact. eSpot™ software provides tools for viewing real-time images, image capture, image storage, and image documentation. All electrical and communications connection provided through a single USB interface.

Like all Redwave Technology sampling accessories, MicromATR Vision offers exceptional performance and usability at an attractive price.

MicromATR Vision Sampling Accessory for FTIR:

  • High efficiency, cost effective diamond ATR accessory
  • Fully integrated sample viewing and image capture, storage, and documentation
  • Broad range of ATR crystal plates - multireflection, specialized materials - including other manufacturers’ ATR Sampling Disks
  • Versatile macro and micro ATR sampling
  • Complete mid-IR and far-IR spectral range, limited only by spectrometer optics
  • Kinematic mounted ATR sampling plates – optimal position every time
  • Compact optical design, small purge volume
  • Interfaces with most FT-IR instruments


The broad range of ATR crystal plates available for MicromATR Vision enables the analysis of samples in many different application areas. The addition of viewing and imaging adds another dimension to the information that this diamond ATR accessory provides.

  • Drug characterization
  • Forensic Science
  • Fiber analysis
  • Contaminant identification
  • Surface defect characterization
  • Polymer analysis
  • Mineral analysis