Redwave gets recognized by DHS

David Schiering at Redwave Technology
David SchieringSeptember 16th, 2019

In August 2019, Mr. Morris Martelle and Mr. Gregg Ressler from RedWave Technology joined members of the HazMat community at Utah Valley University to participate in a data gathering effort in support of the Advanced Science for Hazardous Materials course (R0655) at the National Fire Academy.

Through your efforts and support, the NFA can now offer an advanced course that will improve the capabilities of responders when responding to Hazardous Maters/WMD incidents nationally. ~ Wayne Yoder, Department of Homeland Security

The Redwave team brought their new ThreatID portable FTIR analyzer for identification of hazardous chemicals and spent two days collecting reference infrared spectra on a wide variety of potentially hazardous chemicals. Since this was one of the first times that ThreatID was introduced to the hazmat response community, we were delighted at the positive response we received about our new technology. We wish to thank Wayne Yoder for inviting us to participate in this important effort.

Redwave at the Utah Valley University

Your willingness to collaborate with researchers, scientists, engineers and responders by lending your expertise to this important effort has resulted in enhanced scientific accuracy and improved credibility of the data utilized in this course.

Here is the letter of recocognition we received from the Department of Homeland Security...

Letter from DHS (w/background)

The device the Redwave Team brought with them was Redwave's new portable FTIR analyzer, ThreatID. ThreatID can identify a wide range of chemicals including most industrial chemicals, “white powders”, CWA, TICs, explosives, narcotics, and related compounds. The superior performance and usability of the device delivers higher confidence identification of unknowns, and supports quicker actionable-decision making.

It was an honor volunteering for the Department of Homeland Security. We look forward to helping out again in the future!