Jon Frattaroli - EMT, EMS Chief

My Story - A Commitment to Emergency Response

The genesis of Redwave actually began 18 years ago with another company, SensIR Technologies. Those of you who have been in the hazmat response business for years may remember that name.

Redwave Technology's portable FTIR analyzer, ThreatID

Introducing ThreatID - Built on First Responder Input

After years of listening to the market, the original team at SensIR Technologies, creators of HazmatID, has reunited as RedWave Technology to bring you the next-gen portable FTIR analyzer, ThreatID.

Sign of Department of Homeland Security

Redwave gets recognized by DHS

The Redwave team volunteered to help the Department of Homeland Security identify Hazardous Materials/WMD with our next-generation portable FTIR analyzer, ThreatID.