Our management team has decades of experience building products and companies that serve the academic research, industrial scientific and homeland defense markets. For those who use FTIR spectroscopy sampling technology and FTIR chemical analyzers, many of the senior technical staff’s names will be quite familiar. We are managers, scientists and engineers that comprised Spectra-Tech, ASI Applied Systems, SensIR Technologies, and A2 Technologies. If you know those companies, you know that we have helped to shape and advance FTIR spectroscopy over the past four decades, and invented the original products for FTIR chemical threat and hazmat identification TravelIR and HazmatID.


  • To continue developing innovative sampling technology that expands the value of FTIR for the scientific community. These devices and associated services are available for virtually all commercial spectrometers
  • To bring to the safety and security market highly functional portable FTIR analyzers for identifying hazardous materials and potential chemical threats
  • To provide in-depth support for the Hazmat community to meet their expanding requirements for chemical identification and threat assessment.