When Chemical
Threats Arise…
Speed Identification

With advice from first responders like yourself, we have reinvented at-site analysis of chemical hazards. ThreatID™ from Redwave Technology is the state-of-the-art in FTIR analyzers for identification of chemicals in the warm zone, in the hot zone...whenever fast, accurate ID is critical.

Our Products

In the Field

ThreatID is a fieldable analyzer for identifying a wide range of potentially hazardous industrial chemicals and chemical agents in warm and hot zones. Using fit-for-purpose FTIR technology, ThreatID provides immediate, accurate identification of unknown solid and liquid substances.

ThreatID Portable FTIR

ThreatID Portable FTIR
In the Lab

Whether the sample is a polymer, a pharmaceutical compound, paint or coating, or forensic specimen, Redwave Technology's IR microscopes and ATR imaging devices all share the same basic characteristics - easy-to-use, exceptional performance, cost effective and perfectly matched to each manufacturer’s FTIR spectrometers.