RedWave Technology remains operational as an essential business, manufacturing and distributing scientific analyzers and products which are vital to Americans’ health and well-being during the COVID19 pandemic…learn more.

Adapting procedures: continued access and demos to response teams

Threats to our communities from chemicals, drugs, explosives and other harmful materials do not subside as the world battles the Coronavirus outbreak. Adhering to social distancing measures we now ship units for demonstration purposes directly to our customers.

Our Products

In the Field

ThreatID is a fieldable analyzer for identifying a wide range of potentially hazardous industrial chemicals and chemical agents in warm and hot zones. Using fit-for-purpose FTIR technology, ThreatID provides immediate, accurate identification of unknown solid and liquid substances.

ThreatID Portable FTIR

ThreatID Portable FTIR
In the Lab

Whether the sample is a polymer, a pharmaceutical compound, paint or coating, or forensic specimen, Redwave Technology's IR microscopes and ATR imaging devices all share the same basic characteristics - easy-to-use, exceptional performance, cost effective and perfectly matched to each manufacturer’s FTIR spectrometers.